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Yes 1 year ago
She a cutie a trooper she's determined at her task of sucking that dick until it got hard. Failure was not an option I call that a well trained determined gal. Suck that dick no matter what make it hard and make it cum even if you have to suck his nuts from his nut sack. Make he tremble beg for you to give him a break. And yes good girls let you see the load before blowing bubbles and or swallowing. Wifey material!
fake af 1 year ago
You can clearly see the cut. Assholes
She’s 1 year ago
an award winning cocksucker apparently.
Joe 1 year ago
Not the prettiest ever, but she is a wife for sure
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you naughty little girl... love your super sad eyes as you drain all his cum fromm his pretty c/cock... i love to swallow cum also... just like you... may i cut in?
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She's great but you can't even get hard. Fail
1 year ago
Could use this right now
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Hot woman sucking you off and you can’t get hard? What kind of crap is this?
Whore Hey 1 year ago
She sure doesn't seem very happy!
Wow 1 year ago
Can I join