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Owley 3 years ago
You lucky, lucky bastard!
Gimilla 3 years ago
I realized my step son dick hung to his knees so when his father was at work I slipped a viagra in his coffee. I walked around skimpy he got hard and horny went to his room to jerk off. I walked in caught him wanking started fussing then approached him grabbed his 10" dick and acted shock and started sucking. I told him he could fuck me but no cumming inside I'd swallow. He agreed. I swallowed four loads of cum in over two hours my pussy was exhausted and sore.
fucking unlucky men 2 years ago
unbelievble 3 times in 2 min
John 3 years ago
Dude is a freak...
Donna 2 years ago
I'm a female and I am straight. I'd fuck both of them! Very hot
Big J 2 years ago
Beautiful wife.....
She loves to fuck.....
What a rarity.....keep on fuckin'
David 2 years ago
Wow I noticed the wedding ring when I was watching! XD wow I wish I could bust all over her too, I’d come atleast twice on her.. mrs. sexy
Gillie48 3 years ago
Wow, you look stunning with a gorgeous body, no wonder he cums in, on and over you but it is like he is fucking his mother, very polite and thoughtful, sadly you don't perform sex like the slut you should be.
Fuckin sexy little bitch !! 3 years ago
Fuckin sexy little bitch !!
Mother 2 years ago
What would your mother think?